18 January 2013, Friday, 15:05

All dumps in Bashkir trans-Ural have to be liquidated by 2020

author: Galina Bakhshieva

At present time there are 300 dumps of solid domestic waste in Bashkir trans-Ural. Minister for nature management and ecology RB Ildar Khadyev has stated during the last zone meeting with heads of local municipalities in Biamak that all dumps in trans-Ural zone fail to meet the ecological standards, set by legislation, and within the frames of the Republican goal-oriented program for improvement of waste control all dumps have be liquidated and the territories they occupied- redeveloped.

The Minister has also reminded that all dumps of solid domestic waste in the republic subject to obligatory liquidation in accordance with the active legislation, since they are considered the illegal places for waste placement, organized by local self-government bodies without observation of the norms of environmental legislation.