17 January 2013, Thursday, 16:14

Backdated salaries reached 54,9 million rbl. in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, as of January 1, 2013,  the backdated salaries made 54,9 million rbl. in the republic. 13 employers have back payments on salaries to 1990 employees. In comparison with January, 2012, the sum of debts decreased in 2 times, number of organisations-debtors – in 2,2 times, the State Labour Inspection RB marks.

The total sum of backdated salaries in Bashkortostan in the beginning of January, 2013, in comparison with December, 2012, increased by 20,2 million rbl., Irina Svintitskaya, the head of department of the State Labour Inspection in RB informs.

In total for January-December, 2012 state labour inspectors analyzed a status of remuneration of labour during 1526 supervising actions. To execute orders of state labour inspectors 9316 employees received 134,2 million rbl. of back payments.

As Irina Svintitsky says, 1149 employers were hold administratively liable for the sum of 5,5 million rbl for infringements in labour remuneration payment on administrative proceedings initiated by state labour inspectors and public prosecutors. 11 employers more were fined by the court for failure to perform the orders issued by state labour inspectors. Four officials were brought to disciplinary liability.

Concerning 11 heads of organisations having backdated payments for two and more months, materials were directed to investigative authorities for consideration of criminal cases initiation.