17 January 2013, Thursday, 14:34

Tomsk officials study Bashkortostan experience in forestry regulations

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The delegation from the Tomsk Region arrived in Bashkortostan for studying republican experience in counteraction to non-authorised forest felling and control over illegal circulation of cut timber. It is headed by the Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region on agro-industrial policy and nature management Andrey Knorr.

The delegation of the Tomsk Region is going to study in details how the law passed in Bashkortostan on timber loading points organisation, and also cooperation of various bodies in counteraction to illegal circulation of timber is realised in practice.

The visit schedule includes working meetings, presentations of the Dispatcher control centre of the Ministry of Forestry RB and information system on automated round timber, forest plots and plantings accounting.

Besides, visitors will go to the Ufa lemon greenhouse, the Forest Fires Prevention and Suppression Warning Centre RB, and also will study the "Alekseevsky" state owned farm activity.

The area of forest reserves in Bashkortostan is 5,74 million hectares. The forest stock makes 766,8 million cubic metres, of which 174,9 million cubic metres  are accounted for coniferous trees. Annual calculated felling rate is established as 9,5 million cubic metres, including 0,8 million cubic metres, or 8,2 percent, — on coniferous species.