17 January 2013, Thursday, 12:25

For a year it was secured a crop of 21 tons in the Ufa lemon greenhouse

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

21 ton of lemons were collected last year in the Ufa lemon greenhouse.

“It is an average productivity of trees,” Farida Sadykova, the manager of the Ufa lemon greenhouse explained. “The summer of 2012 was hot for the trees, there is a necessity to paint white the glass ceilings in greenhouses as the temperature in the premises raises above standard.”

Except lemons, more than 500 species of plants are cultivated here. Among fructifying ones there are tangerines, oranges, pomelo, papaya, bananas and coffee.

“We do not aspire to industrial-scale harvesting,” Farida Sadykova marks. “Our purpose is to acquaint residents of the republic with foreign flora and to tell about features of each plant.”