15 January 2013, Tuesday, 17:37

The unemployed number amounted to more than 26 thousand people in Bashkiria in the end of 2012

author: Galina Bakhshieva

More than 26 thousand of unemployed were officially registered in Bashkortostan by the end of 2012. The official rate of unemployment made 1,3 percent by the end of December, the Public Employment Service of the republic informs.

As a whole for 2012 the regional bank of vacancies received information about 287 thousand available jobs. By the end of December, more than 31 thousand vacancies were contained in the jobs bank. The intensity factor, or the ratio of unoccupied people number to jobs available, as of the same date was equal 0,9.

According to research for September-November, 2012, the number of economically active population in the region exceeds two million people.

The number of unemployed counted under standards of the International Labour Organisation made 113 thousand people, level of general unemployment was 5,5 percent. The average salary across the republic made 20813,8 roubles in November last year.