15 January 2013, Tuesday, 17:11

From the beginning of 2013 more than 41500 tons of milk are received in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Fr om the beginning of 2013 over 41500 tons of milk are received in Bashkortostan. The most output is accounted for private subsidiary economies. The smaller part, about 17400 tons, is produced at agricultural enterprises and republican farms.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB marks, there are already areas wh ere total milk yield exceeded 1000 tons from the beginning of current year. For example, agricultural enterprises of Chekmagushevsky region for the first half of January produced 1329 tons of milk. It is by 117 tons more than for the similar period of 2012.

Among the best on total milk output are also farms of Sterlitamaksky and Dyurtyulinsky regions — 1140 and 1032 tons, accordingly.

Milk sale from the beginning of this year exceeded 17000 tons from which more than 16000 tons are accounted for agricultural producers share.

Milk purchasing from the population has made 998 tons for this time that is by 4 tons more than the last year. Baimaksky region is the leader on this indicator — there for two weeks of January 100 tons of milk were bought from the population. Also work with local residents on milk purchasing is well organised in Ilishevsky (86 tons), Ermekeevsky (53) and Uchalinsky (50) regions.

At the moment 8,7 kgs of milk per cow are received on average at Bashkortostan farms that is by 300 gram more than the last year's indicator.

In 10 republican regions daily average yield per cow exceeds 10 kgs of milk.