11 January 2013, Friday, 12:58

Ufa schools received 14 new school buses

author: Arina Rakhimkulova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

Solemn presentation of the keys from 14 school buses to directors of several schools of Ufa has taken place in the capital RB. These vehicles, allocated by Ministry for education RB, are meant for everyday transportation of pupils from the nearby villages to town schools. The buses will transport more than 400 children daily.

In the course of the presentation Minister for education RB Alfis Gayazov mentioned that acquisition of buses became possible due to implementation of the national project “Education”.

“In 2012 the Republic has received two billion 133 million rubles on the program for general education modernization. The lion’s share of this means was directed to improvement of the educational network infrastructure, including acquisition of school buses for children” – he reported.

The Minister has also added that the program for modernization of educational system will be continued this year too and expected financing will amount to one billion 600 million rubles and again a part of this means will be spent for acquisition of new school buses.

themes: education