11 January 2013, Friday, 16:37

The first euro note of the new series is entered into circulation in May

author: Elvira Latypova

The new five-euro note with increased safety features will be entered into circulation in May, 2013. The day before its presentation took place in Frankfurt am Main.

The banknote was presented by the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi.

The five-euro note opens the second, advanced series of euro-banknotes "Europe" which will be introduced over several years. The upd ated series of banknotes is named by the goddess of the Ancient Greek mythology, the daughter of the Phoenician tsar of Europe. Her image is present on a watermark and hologram. Additional degree of protection — colour of number of face value of the note: it varies depending on the sight corner.

The termination date for the first series of 2002 as legal tender is not se t yet. ECB assures on the official website that the deadline will be announced well in advance.

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