11 January 2013, Friday, 14:41

JSC "Soda" has successfully finished transition to more ecologically clean fuel

author: Bashinform News Agency

Permanent work is conducted at JSC "Soda" on effective use of power resources, natural resources, raw materials. Considerable reduction of negative influence to the environment at all stages of production is achieved as a result. Transfer of black-ash furnaces from black oil fuel to gas is one more step to increase energy efficiency of the manufacture and improvement of its ecological component.

JSC "Soda" has completely refused from use of black oil fuel: according to the modernisation plan at the enterprise transfer of black-ash furnaces into natural gas was finished. It allows to use effectively the technologies raising completeness of use of burning down fuel heat. Personnel working conditions have considerably improved: now the process of maintenance of working parameters of burners, and calcination process are completely automated. Use of natural gas — highly economical fuel, considerably raises ecological compatibility and energy efficiency of the manufacture.

Emissions into atmosphere of hazardous substances decreased by 5 thousand tons a year as a result of transfer of furnaces into gas, and earlier the lion's share of these substances was made by sulphur dioxide.