29 December 2012, Saturday, 15:08

Salavat Yulaev will fight with the host team in the Spengler Cup semi-final

author: Dmitriy Slezin

At the Spengler Cup participants of matches were defined to be played on December 29.

Salavat Yulaev will have a duel with the host of the tournament — Davos team. It became known after results of matches on December 28, where HC Vitkovice Steel won Fribour — 2:1, and Davos  overplayed German Mannheim — 6:2.

Thus, Czech Vitkovice (it will play with the winner of pair Davos — Salavat Yulaev) and the national team of Canada (will play with the winner of the pair Fribour — Mannheim) automatically got to the Cup Semi-Final.

Standings of the teams are the following:

Group Torriani: 1.  Vitkovice  — 4 points; 2. Fribour — 3; Salavat Yulaev — 2.

Group Kattani: 1. National team of Canada — 4 points; Davos — 3; Mannheim — 2.