29 December 2012, Saturday, 10:09

New building of the Bashkir Puppet Theatre will be in the form of a whale

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Competition of projects of a new building of the Bashkir State Puppet Theatre (BGTK) is finished, winners are defined. Young designers Anastasiya Ivanov, Ivan Ladygin  and Alisa Taipova became the winners, it is informed on the theatre website.

Architects in their project transformed the future building and adjoining territory of BGTK into the fantastic cloth brought by well-known "The Little Humpbacked Horse" by Pavel Ershov – here there is Ivan, and the Firebird, the artful tsar and other heroes of the well-known fairy tale. The building of the theatre will represent a whale, on which back there is a whole small town.

It should be mentioned that, the competition was declared in November this year. The competition terms required from the designers not only to provide the building reconstruction, but to design two halls for 450 and 100 seats, and also to offer variants of adjoining territory accomplishment.