28 December 2012, Friday, 20:30

White golden eagle will become the symbol of the Environmental Protection Year

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Ministry for nature management and ecology RB summed up the totals of the republican contest for the best emblem and slogan of the forthcoming Year of environmental protection.

“The work of the honorable press and mass-media employee, a member of the Union of Journalists RB and Russia, art director of the newspaper “Bashkortostan” Nasikh Salikhov is admitted the best draft emblem. The emblem represents a white golden eagle on the background of a drop of water” – press secretary of Ministry for nature management and ecology RB Nina Nikandrova reported.

The author of the project says that white golden eagle was chosen not accidentally.

“Golden eagles choose only ecologically clean regions for their habitat and the background – the drop of water – consists of three colors: blue, white and green, symbolizing the flag of our Republic” – the winner of the contest explained.

The slogan “Let’s Preserve Our Tomorrow!” is chosen the slogan of the future Year and it was offered by Bashkir republican organization “All-Russian Society of Disabled People”.