28 December 2012, Friday, 15:21

The Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden entertain passengers of all types of transport in Bashkiria

author: Luboth Kolokolova

During the Pre-New Year's days the Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden can be met not only at children's morning performances and celebratory corporate parties, but also in suburban trains and even at the airport.

Till December 29, it will be possible to meet the main New Year's heroes at the Ufa railway station, and also in suburban trains: "Ufa-Raevka-Abdulino", "Ufa-Inzer", "Ufa-Kandry", "Ufa-Urman".

As the press-service of the Bashkortostan suburban passenger company informs, interesting quizes and competitions are prepared for passengers, and winners will be given pleasant souvenirs and sweet gifts.

At the Ufa International Airport the kind Grandfather Frost with the Snow Maiden congratulated workers of the enterprise, and also representatives of airlines-partners and passengers on the coming New Year. The smallest travellers especially liked the congratulation: they received tasty gifts from the Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden.

By tradition on December 31, congratulations on the Happy New Year will be  announced through loudspeakers  at Ufa airport.