28 December 2012, Friday, 17:29

Rustem Mardanov: Preconditions for decrease in mortgage rates are available

author: Elvira Latypova

The average rate on hypothecary crediting makes 12,6 % are in Bashkortostan, the National Bank RB informs. This year the rate considerably grew — to the level higher than on average across Russia.

According to the Chairman of the National Bank Rustem Mardanov, the rate may decrease.

“We consider that if macroeconomic forecasts come true, which assume decrease in inflation rates in the next year than there are preconditions for decrease in mortgage rates,” Rustem Mardanov explained.

According to the head of the National Bank, the Central Bank will also affect better availability of hypothecary credits supervising over that financial organisations will not raise unreasonably the deposit interest rate.