28 December 2012, Friday, 10:13

Grain from the intervention fund will appear in the grain market of Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In Bashkortostan, right after the New Year, the grain from the intervention fund will be able to change the situation in the grain market, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture RB consider.

The intervention fund contains now 86 thousand tons of grain. In total stocks of grain of Bashkir farmers make, without the intervention fund, about 800 thousand tons according to all available information.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs, wheat of the 3-4 grade will be on sale from the intervention fund. Thanks to it the enterprises of the flour-grinding industry will be able to make flour by 20 percent cheaper than it is in the market today.

“Certainly, we cannot guarantee, that the flour will be cheaper by 20 percent on sale. After all, the market price can depend on other factors too, including supply and demand. It is important that the "cheap" flour could get to republican breadmaking enterprises,” the Minister of Agriculture RB Nikolay Kovalenko commented on the developed situation.

In his opinion, the flour from the intervention fund grain will stabilise a little the situation in the market. As to social sorts of bread, sharp increase of prices is not expected.

On other sorts of bread increase of prices probably within 3 — 3,5 percent is expected. It is about 1 rouble per bread kg, from 30 to 40 copecks per loaf.