27 December 2012, Thursday, 14:46

The President of Bashkortostan has signed the law on support of real estate developers helping deceived share owners

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has signed the Law RB «On amendments to the Law «On regulation of land relations in Bashkortostan Republic». The law is aimed at decision of problems of deceived share owners of housing construction. In particular, the amendment establishes the granting procedure of land plots to the developers who undertake the obligations on "problem" houses after completion of their construction.

The Chairman of Committee of the State Assembly RB Franis Saifullin marked that the offered initiative could become quite effective measure to support developing organizations, which voluntary undertook obligations on provision of deceived share owners with habitation. It is supposed that land plots will be given free of charge only once. The Law substantive provisions come into force after ten days from the date of its publication that is in the beginning of January 2013.