27 December 2012, Thursday, 14:07

Heavy snow caused delay of flights

author: Luboth Kolokolova

Because of heavy snow showers happened last night, a number of flights is delayed at Ufa airport. It is connected not so much with the situation at the Ufa airport, as with abundant precipitation and a gusty wind in the territory of Moscow airports, in particular, in "Domodedovo", and also with weather conditions in Kazan.

As the JSC Ufa International airport reports, local services coped with cleaning of runways and platforms, the situation cannot be named critical in connection with adverse weather conditions. All night long the show-cutters worked at full capacity, thanks to it aircrafts can take off. Thus, in the morning flights No.348, 364, 9150 took off to Moscow, however a number of flights in the capital are for various reasons delayed for several hours.

The passengers of flight «Ufa — Dubai» by Tatar airlines will have to wait more than others. The flight is delayed from 5.15 till 18 o'clock due to non-arrival of the aircraft.

The flight «Ufa — Bugulma» is also delayed because of weather conditions in Kazan. And on December 26, for the same reasons there was a flight delay «Dubai — Ufa — Kazan». The Ufa airport was used as an alternative airport.