26 December 2012, Wednesday, 17:04

The Central Bank issues silver memorable coins

author: Elvira Latypova

Silver memorable coins of three thematic directions are issued by the Central Bank of Russia.

In the series «Outstanding sportsmen of Russia» (skating sports) three coins in two roubles denomination will be minted: "Isakova M. G", "Skoblikova L.P." and "Grishin E.R.".

The coin «Seasons of the Russian language and literature in the French Republic and the French language and literature in the Russian Federation» will be in three roubles denomination.

The series «Architectural masterpieces of Russia» was replenished with 25-rouble coin «the Admiralty Building, architect Andreyan Dmitrievich Zakharov».

According to the Central Bank, all coins are made in proof quality, have a circle form, 925 standard of alloy.

Diameter of two-rouble coin is 33 mm, weight of precious metal – 15,55 g. Circulation is 3000 pieces of each kind.

The three-rouble coin has diameter of 39 mm, weight of sterling silver – 31,1 g. Circulation is 5000 pieces.

Diameter of the 25-rouble coin is 60 mm, weight of sterling silver – 155,5. Circulation is 1500 pieces.