26 December 2012, Wednesday, 16:20

Federation Council approved education law

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The Federation Council of Russia approved the law “Education” and if the President of Russia approves it, the law will come into force beginning from January 1, 2013.

The bill, prepared by Russian Ministry for education and science, was approved by State Duma in the final reading on December 21. It has to replace two previous laws: “Education” and “Higher and Post-Institute Professional Education”. The law prescribes the norms on all levels of education.

Thus, the law includes the norm concerning education in the state Russian language and at the same time the opportunity to be educated in national languages.

In accordance with the document school uniform will be introduced only at local administrations’ discretion and rural schools can’t be closed without taking the opinion of local residents into account.

themes: legislation