26 December 2012, Wednesday, 12:29

Social-cultural center is opened in Tatyshlinski region of Bashkortostan

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Social-cultural center is opened in the village Sarashtybash, Tatyshlinski region RB, local administration reports. This site of culture is located in the building of the school, which was standing empty during two years and was reorganized later.

Now the villagers have cozy multifunctional 52-seat auditorium with comfortable chairs and spacious stage. The center also includes a first-aid-obstetrical station with all necessary equipment, library, school and spacious sports hall, meant for basket-ball, volley-ball and other team competitions.

The head of regional administration Rushan Garaev has expressed assurance that the new center will meet high demand and promised that in the nearest future villages will receive high-speed internet with free access to electronic municipal services.