25 December 2012, Tuesday, 11:05

Laureates of award “Triumphal Arch” to be rewarded at Bashkir State University

author: Elmira Sabirova

The ceremony of presentation of diplomas “Triumphal Arch” traditionally finishes the calendar year. Not only students, post-graduates and pedagogues but also the memorable events, which the University took part in, will be marked. This is already the eighth ceremony and it will take place in the main building of Bashkir State University.

“The tradition to award people, who once glorified the University, was born in 2006” – the head of the University press center and curator of the award Natalie Nikerina says – “Before we summed up year totals on pages of our newspaper “The Chair”. But every year the number of achievements and victories grew and so we decided to launch such project. People, who glorified our University, are triumphers and as for the arch, there are plenty of them between buildings of our campus”.

themes: education