25 December 2012, Tuesday, 10:09

Individual businessmen of Bashkiria have paid 1 billion 133 million roubles of insurance payments

author: Galiya Nabieva

The deadline of insurance payments for the current year is established for individual businessmen not later than December 31, the Bashkir  Directorate of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) informs.

“The most part of republican  businessmen — 87,3 %, have already executed their obligations to the Pension Fund,” the member of Board of the Pension Fund of Russia, the managing director on Bashkortostan Republic Foat Hantimerov said. “They transferred to the PFR budget 968 million roubles on obligatory pension insurance and 165 million roubles on obligatory medical insurance. It is by 17,5 % more than the last year.”

It should be mentioned that for individual businessmen the amount of insurance payments on obligatory pension insurance is established in the sum of 14386 roubles 32 copecks. The obligatory medical insurance payment is defined as 2821 rouble 93 copecks.