24 December 2012, Monday, 16:56

Labor migrants pass Russian language exam in Bashkiria

author: Galiya Nabieva

The knowledge of Russian language by migrants is checked in Bashkiria. The first exam has taken place at the Bashkir State University.

“Though the people, passing the exam, demonstrate rather good and fluent Russian, the test turned out to be rather difficult for them” – specialists of the training center “Russian language as a foreign one” told – “Written and audition tests were the most difficult”.

Specialists of the center say that migrants regard the exam with understanding. “We want to work in Russia and have to learn Russian language since it helps business much”. Those, who passed the exam, will receive work permits already in January.

We’d like to remind that the federal law, obliging migrants to pass exams for knowledge of Russian language, came into force since December 1, 2012. Foreigners, wishing to work in sphere of housing and communal services, retail trade and in sphere of consumer services, fall within the law. They have to confirm their knowledge of Russian language at least at the basic level. Migrants have to pass this exam when they either receive or prolong their work permits.

The Bashkir State University is included into the system of state testing of foreign citizens on knowledge of Russian language since 2003. Pedagogues of the University have passed special training and have the certificates, giving them the right to test foreigners.  Special structure – the training center “Russian language as a foreign one” is established at the Bashkir State University and its main aim is to train foreign citizens for testing and testing itself. At present time a group of citizens from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan study at the center’s training courses.