24 December 2012, Monday, 15:57

Bashkortostan farmers will receive 495 million roubles for liquidation of drought consequences

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The drought of the year 2012 did not allow Bashkortostan agrarians to achieve the planned results. Following the results of 11 months of the current year the gross output made in the republic 93,2 billion roubles, or 84,3 % of the last year's level, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB reports.

In 2012 because of the drought agricultural crops were lost on the area of 585 thousand hectares that makes the fifth part of all areas under crops in the region. The considerable damage of more than 5 billion roubles was caused to the rural economics.

As the Ministry officials marks, in the beginning of 2013 at the expense of funds of the federal budget it is planned to render the state support to Bashkir farmers for liquidation of the drought consequences of 2012 in the sum of 495 million roubles. The procedure and subsidising spheres are now under consideration in the Ministry of Agriculture RB.