20 December 2012, Thursday, 18:08

The 25-thousandth article in Bashkir Wikipedia is devoted to Bashkir horse

author: Alim Faizov

Volunteers of Bashkir Wikipedia continue writing articles in Bashkir language for this popular online encyclopedia. The 25-thousandth article about Bashkir horse breed “Bashkir Horse” is placed on Wikipedia’s site today.

The work of volunteers on filling Bashkir Wikipedia with articles shows that they are real enthusiasts. Two years ago in December 2010 there were just 1000 Bashkir articles in Wikipedia, written according to traditional methods. But in summer 2011 Bashkir volunteers launched the project of serial adder with the help of their colleagues from Russian, Kazakh and German divisions and by September 10 they reached the number at already 5000 articles.