20 December 2012, Thursday, 15:46

The Bank of Russia issued Olympic rectangular coins

author: Elvira Latypova

Silver and two gold coins of the rectangular form devoted to the ХХII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, was issued by the Bank of Russia. The relief image of the White bear — official talisman the Games -2014 is placed on the reverso of the coins.

The denomination of the investment silver coin is three roubles, with circulation up to 300 thousand pieces. Weight of precious metal is 31,1 gram, 999 gold.

The gold coin in denomination of 50 roubles is also issued in number up to 300 thousand pieces. Weight of precious metal — 7,78 gram, 999 gold.

One more gold coin is in denomination of 100 roubles. Such coins will appear in circulation in number of 100 thousand pieces. Weight of pure gold — 15,55 gram, 999 gold.

As the External and Public Relations Department of the Bank of Russia informs, issued coins are lawful means of cash payment in the territory of Russia and are obligatory to be received without restrictions.