20 December 2012, Thursday, 14:25

Tax revenues grew almost by nine percent in Bashkiria

author: Elvira Latypova

194181 million roubles of taxes and other obligatory payments are collected in Bashkortostan into budgets of all levels in January-November. It is apart from the consolidated social tax. In comparison with the comparable result of the last year, revenues grew by 8,7 %, or to 15478 million roubles.

According to the Bashkir Directorate of the Federal Tax Service, 83094 million roubles are transferred to the federal budget. For a year the indicator increased by 5,3 % (to 4174 million roubles). 111087 million roubles came to the local budget -  57,2 %  (by 11,3 % more, or  plus 11304 million roubles).

84284 million roubles are credited to the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan (growth by 8 %). From them 66610 million roubles are transferred to the republican budget, or 79 % of revenues (growth by 7,6 %), 17675 million roubles are directed to the budgets of municipal areas and city districts ( 9,6 %).

More then one quarter of all revenues (26,3 %) is accounted for the mineral extraction tax, practically all this sum, about 99 %, is formed by oil extraction. Budgets receive not much less from excises (22,1 %), basically (80 %) from excises on mineral oil.

The profit tax takes 17,1 % in the structure of revenues, the comparable share (16,8 %) is constituted by the personal income tax. The VAT share is 8,7 %, property taxes — 5,6 %. The listed taxes in the sum made 97 % of all revenues administered by tax bodies.

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