19 December 2012, Wednesday, 19:11

Struggle with illegal gambling business in Bashkiria to be continued

author: Elvira Latypova

Struggle with illegal gambling business will be continued, as Minister for internal affairs in RB Michael Zakomaldin stated in the course of today’s online conference on the site of “The Public Electronic Newspaper”.

According to him about 20 thousand slot machines have been confiscated just in 2012. More than 900 check-ups have been conducted and violators of the law in this sphere have been penalized for the total sum of more than one million rubles.

Michael Zakomaldin has admitted that the struggle with gaming clubs is difficult and existing gaps in Russian legislation allow some dishonorable people to go in for such business. Penalties are paid back very quickly and new slot machines are installed at the same speed, bringing substantial profits to their owners. Nonetheless the Minister is certain that this struggle can be efficient but law-makers have to toughen the measures to suppress this illegal activity.