18 December 2012, Tuesday, 12:00

Quality of officials’ work will be estimated by population

author: Elvira Latypova

Population will estimate quality of federal officials’ work and thereby decide indirectly whether this official is able to work on public service or not. The Prime-Minister of Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree “Estimation of efficiency of heads of territorial federal authorities and their structural subdivisions by population, taking the quality of public services, rendering by them, into account, and the use of the results of the abovementioned estimation as a ground for making solutions concerning pre-term ceasing of performance of their duties”, press service of the Government RF reports.

Citizens will be able to estimate quality of public services by five-mark grading scale. Politeness and competence of public employees, the time, necessary for rendering public services, and comfort will be taken into account.

Citizens may send their estimations with the help of internet, through the terminals, integrated with the electronic system for control of queues for public services and with the help of SMS, sent to the single phone number.