17 December 2012, Monday, 10:23

Citizens of Bashkiria are rarer marry and more often divorce in 2012

author: Elvira Latypova

508 divorces fall averagely on one thousand marriages in Bashkiria in 2012. In Russia the number of divorces is slightly higher – 516, Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports.

For the last 30 years the “family” statistics has seriously changed. Thus, in 1980 231 divorces fell on every thousand marriages and in 1991 – already 293. Further this statistics was trending up. 471 divorces fell on 1000 marriages in 2011. 2012 still keeps this trend at the same level.

29265 marriages and 14879 divorces have been registered in Bashkiria for ten months of 2012. The so-called nuptiality coefficient per 1000 citizens made up 8,6 (in Russia – 8,7 on average). The number of marriages reduced by 1713 (by 5,5%) and the number of divorces increased by 76 (by 0,5%). People marry in summer and in September more often and the lowest number of marriages is registered in May.

By the nuptiality coefficient Bashkiria stands on the sixth place in Volga federal district and by the number of divorces – on the seventh.