17 December 2012, Monday, 14:58

7200 unemployed apply for 12000 vacancies in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

7200 unemployed apply for 12000 vacancies in Ufa.

Now in the Bashkir capital there are about 12 thousand available jobs. In total from the beginning of year employers submitted to the Ufa Employment Service the information about 124 thousand vacancies.

The official rate of unemployment in the city made 1,29 percent by the end of this week, the Ufa Employment Centre informs. The intensity factor, or ratio of unoccupied people to jobs number, decreased a little in comparison with the last week and reached 0,64. In other words, per each available job less than one person applies in Ufa.

Nearly 6400 persons are job seeking allowance recipients in Ufa at present. It should be mentioned that the average size of the unemployment allowance makes 3955 roubles.

In total today more than 7600 people are registered in the Ufa Employment Centre.