17 December 2012, Monday, 13:50

Bashkir Drama Theatre gave a premiere of performance «Rudi … Never off»

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The premiere of performance «Rudi … Never off» took place on the scene of the M.Gafuri’s Bashkir State Drama Theatre.

Performance about Rudolf Nureev's life and creativity was put up by the director Airat Abushahmanov. The plastics arts director, the choreographer-director was the honoured artist RB Rinat Abushahmanov, the art director — Barbara Chuvina (St.-Petersburg).

“We took for a basis the biography of the well-known dancer,” Airat Abushahmanov explains. “During preparation for the performance we studied a huge bulk of the information connected with the ballet, and also Rudolf Nureev's life, besides, all troupe had ballet classes within a month.”

The show describes the childhood and youth of the dancer, its relation with relatives and colleagues. According to the featured actor Ural Aminev, the most difficult thing was to show the state, energy of Rudolf, rather than his dancing skills. There was no task to surpass Nureev or to reach similarity of his appearance.