14 December 2012, Friday, 11:02

TV-journalist Azamat Saitov issued a book “From November to November or a trip from the USSR to Russia”

author: Ludmila Schetinina

A book of popular TV-journalist Azamat Saitov, called “From November to November or a trip from the USSR to Russia”, is published in Ufa. This is a collection of materials, written by the author in the course of one year for the rubric “Column”, for “The Public Electronic Newspaper” and the newspaper “Republic of Bashkortostan”. The author analyzes the current events, making the excursus into political history of the country. The journalist tells stories from his private life, about his friends and relatives and reminds early student years and the beginning of his journalist activity.

Presentation of the book will take place on December 19 at 17 o’clock in the book shop “Planet” (Lenin Street, 20). Well-known politicians, public activists and colleagues are invited.

An interview with the author can be read on the site of “The Public Electronic Newspaper”.