14 December 2012, Friday, 13:20

Books by Igor Savelyev and poetess Maryanna Plotnikova are presented to Ufa public

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The presentation of the book by Igor Savelyev «Tereshkova flies to Mars», issued by the Moscow publishing house "Eksmo", and the book of verses by Ufa poetess Maryanna Plotnikova «Keep quite while leaving», took place in the Ufa Art Gallery "X-Max".

For the first time in Ufa the presentation of books was held in the Japanese format "PechaKucha". It is the 7th minute story of the author accompanied by 20 slides which are shown for 20 seconds and advance automatically.

Igor Savelyev described everyday life of young writers with humour and Maryanna Plotnikova shared 20 secrets of «How to achieve success» and spoke about life of modern poetesses.

“It is extremely important for the person who writes to see his works published,” Maryanna Plotnikova considers. It is a sort of a ticket to eternity.

The detailed report on the event you can find in the material of "i-gazeta".