13 December 2012, Thursday, 17:25

Premiere of performance about Rudolf Nureev will take place at the Bashkir Drama Theatre

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Premiere of performance about Rudolf Nureev's life and creativity «Rudi — Never off...» will take place at the M.Gafuri’s Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre on December 15.

It is a stage play about history and destiny of the Bashkir boy who became the world-wide adored dancer, absolute favourite of the ballet art. He delighted audience, he shocked and called disputes. Rudolf Nureev was the person-legend, the person-scandal, apparently, that he all consisted of contradictions and riddles. The masterly execution, energy, hot temper, deep dramatic nature, emotionality can describe the dancer. Actors of Bashkir Drama Theatre sought for the secret of Rudolf Nureev’s excellency.

The leading part was executed by Ural Aminev, the author of performance — Airat Abushahmanov, the choreographer-director, the director plastic arts — the honoured artist RB Rinat Abushahmanov, the art director — Barbara Chuvina (St.-Petersburg).