12 December 2012, Wednesday, 17:15

Bashkortostan is the leader on purchasing fire suppression equipment in Russia

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The plan on purchase and delivery of fire suppression equipment is practically executed in the republic. Besides Bashkortostan, the plan is executed for 84 percent in Mary El Republic and for 79 percent — in the Voronezh Region. It was declared by the deputy head of the Federal Forestry Agency Nikolay Krotov at the selector meeting with district forestry departments.

“For today 89 percent from the planned volume of special equipment for forest fires suppression are delivered to Bashkortostan,” the head of press-service the Ministry of Forestry RB Aibulat Gainullin reported. “This year the Ministry of Forestry RB purchased 31 from 35 planned units of equipment using the grants from the federal budget and republican means. Among them there are 12 firefighting vehicles, 12 specialised motor vehicles "UAZ", one heavy bulldozer «Chetra Т-20,01», five wheeled forestry tractors «Forest-2,0B», and also one tractive unit "Ural". The remained two tractors "Agromash" and two semi-trailers for special equipment transportation to places of ignitions will be delivered in the second half of December. The total cost of the updated motor-vehicle pool reaches almost 73 million roubles.