11 December 2012, Tuesday, 15:42

Backdated wages in Bashkiria make about 35 million roubles

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, the backdated wages in the republic as of December 1, 2012 made 34,8 million roubles. In comparison with the last month, they decreased by 1,4 million roubles. At the same time, the number of employers-debtors increased in the region to fifteen.

Considering that statistic analysis does not cover all enterprises and organisations, the labour state inspectors conduct monitoring of payments status while carrying out of supervisory actions. Thus, from the beginning of current year they registered 163 cases of backdated wages and final settlements for the sum of more than 107 million roubles.

In total for January-November, 2012 state labour inspectors analyzed the state of labour remuneration during 1432 checks. In execution of orders issued by the state labour inspectors about seven thousand workers received for this time more than 105 million roubles of back payments.