11 December 2012, Tuesday, 13:57

The first mobile laboratories for control of atmospheric air started working in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Two unique movable laboratories for control of atmospheric air are delivered for Bashkortostan. They will work in Ufa and Sterlitamac. In the nearest future the laboratories will begin their first raid.

The main advantage of such laboratory is provision of operative control of state of atmospheric air, specialists of Ministry for nature management and ecology RB reported.

“Air is very dynamic environment” – they say – “So if we get information concerning high gas content in the air, we have to be on the place in the shortest possible time”.

The laboratories are equipped with the system for measuring weather parameters and with the analytical equipment, able to work in real time mode. With the help of these laboratories specialists can examine air samples within the maximally short period of time and find the source of pollution very quickly.

themes: ecology