10 December 2012, Monday, 17:16

Presentation of novels by Dinis Bulyakov and awarding of winners of the International Competition «Ak Torna» will take place in Ufa

author: Dmitry Slezin

On December 10-12, the presentation of books by the Bashkir writer, the winner of the Salavat Yulaev’s State Award of Bashkortostan Republic Dinis Bulyakov (1944-1995) «Life is given once» and the "Newcomer", translated from the Bashkir language by the lecturer of Gazi University, Doctor of Philology Nigar Kalkan will take place in Ufa.

The delegation of TURKSOY International organisation will take part in the event.

The edition was made by the International organisation of Turkic culture (TURKSOY) together with administration of Etimesgut disctrict of Ankara city and the publishing house of the Union of Eurasian Writers "Bengu". Photos of participants of the VI International creative photographic laboratory spent in 2010 in Bashkortostan are used for covers.

The TURKSOY delegation will also take part in the awarding ceremony of winners of the II International Competition of Turk poetry translations «Ak Torna».

The events are organised by the Ministry of Culture RB, the Union of Writers of Bashkortostan and TURKSOY International Organisation.

themes: Turksoy, books