10 December 2012, Monday, 13:26

Constantine Tolkachev: “Party projects are real index of “United Russia” concrete deeds”

author: Galiya Nabieva

“Party projects are real index of “United Russia” concrete deeds – simple and clear problems, which are to be solved by the party” – the chairman of State Council RB Constantine Tolkachev has said at “United Russia” regional division’s portback-election conference.

The speaker of Bashkir parliament called “New Roads for Cities of Russia”, “Kindergartens for Children” and “500 Swimming Pools” the most popular projects of the party.

At the same time the speaker thinks that dynamics and content of “United Russia” projects can be always called satisfactory.

“The problem is not just widening and strengthening of control of the results of the party projects but also expansion of the social base and attraction of as many citizens to work over these projects as possible. The tasks, demanding”United Russia” assistance, are numerous and party projects play the key role in solution of these problems” – Constantine Tolkachev stated.