10 December 2012, Monday, 11:00

Rafael Mardanshin: “United Russia” conference has become open and transparent dialogue”

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

State Duma deputy, a member of State Duma committee for civil, criminal, arbitrary and remedial legislation Rafael Mardanshin called the conference of “United Russia” regional division an open and transparent dialogue, www.er.ru reported.

“Here both the party’s achievements for the reporting period as well as certain failures have been discussed” – the deputy stated – “The party has again proved its slogan that “United Russia” is the party of real deeds and it is not just a popular party but the party, what executes the tasks it poses before itself. Its members clearly understand the public-political processes, occurring in Russia and Bashkortostan now – the increase of the number of political parties and strengthening of political competition. We understand that we will face difficult elections to the Republican parliament but “United Russia” doesn’t afraid of competition and is ready to win”.