10 December 2012, Monday, 10:05

Cattle breeders of Bashkortostan have greater milk output than the last year

author: Luboth Kolokolova

Total milk output in Bashkortostan from the beginning of year exceeded 1,6 million tons,  sale – 636,5 thousand tons, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs.

This year milk yield per cow increased at republican agricultural enterprises. According to the Agricultural Consulting Centre RB, now in Bashkiria on average they get 8,3 kg of milk per cow a day, that is by 400 gram more than the last year. Agricultural enterprises of Dyurtyulinsky, Meleuzovsky, Sterlitamaksky, Ufa, Uchalinsky and Chekmagushevsky regions still receive over 10 kg of milk per one cow daily. Farmers of Chekmagushevsky region are in the lead on milk yield as they receive every day per 12,8 kg of milk.

In total in region from the beginning of year on average 3547 kg of milk were received per cow that is by 306 kg more than in 2011. We will remind that the four thousandth boundary was overpassed in eight regions: Aurgazinsky, Dyurtyulinsky, Kuyurgazinsky, Meleuzovsky, Sterlitamaksky, Tatyshlinsky, Ufa and Uchalinsky regions, the five-thousandth boundary – in Chekmagushevsky region.

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