07 December 2012, Friday, 14:30

Olga Vilukhina will start sprint of the II stage of World Cup under the 80th number

author: Dmitriy Slezin

On Friday, December 7, the second stage of the World Biathlon Cup starts in Austrian Hochfilzen.

Olga Vilukhina, the alumnus of the Bashkir sports will start the sprint race for 7,5 km the 80th.

Other Russians received the following starting numbers: Ekaterina Yurlova — the 21st, Ekaterina Glazyrina — the 31st, Marina Korovina — the 39th, Olga Zaitseva — 75th, Ekaterina Shumilova — 97th.

The sprint will begin in Hochfilzen at 17.30 Moscow time.