07 December 2012, Friday, 12:22

Ufa group «Lumen» presents a new album

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The presentation of a new album «Into parts» will take place in the entertaining complex «Ogni Ufy» on December 9.

The musicians presented several compositions fr om the new album to the admirers within the lim its of the tour «To remain themselves».

«We had a lot of material different in mood and contents», the frontmen of the group Tem Bulatov explained. The tour «To remain themselves» helped to place our priorities. We left only those compositions which we could not fail to include. As a result we made a decision to write a two-piece album. The huge file consisting of creativity, studio works, dialogues with relatives turned out as a result. Thousands of Internet pages with news, comments of public, state and oppositional sites, journalistic investigations, blogs, videoclips and audio records were reflected in songs. All this came out into acute social tracks and lyric songs.

According to Tem Bulatov, in the album «Into parts», there are meditative songs telling about events, and also the compositions reflecting reaction to the reality.

Musicians of the group do not disclose yet the information on the edition of the second part of the album.