05 December 2012, Wednesday, 18:30

Farmers of Bashkortostan will prepare all tractor-drawn machinery by January 1

author: Galiya Nabieva

“Till January 1, 2013 farmers of the republic should finish repair peg-tooth harrows, tractor couplers and roller tractors. By April all soil-cultivating and sowing machinery and tools should be ready,” the Minister of Agriculture RB Nikolay Kovalenko said at the first session of the staff on preparation of agricultural machinery for field operations of 2013.

Agricultural producers began a repair season already on October 1. By estimations of experts of agrarian department, the readiness of agricultural machinery is by 2-7 % higher than the indicators of the last year.

The repair is carried out strictly under the schedule confirmed by the Government of Bashkortostan. Members of the staff created under the Ministry of Agriculture will regularly visit the regions.

Nikolay Kovalenko underlined, that the staff is created for the control over quality of preparation of equipment. If it is necessary the experts will correct a course of works.