05 December 2012, Wednesday, 15:00

"The Storm" executed by actors of the National Youth Theatre RB was recognised the best at the festival «Friendship Bridge-2012»

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Performance "The Storm" executed by actors of the M.Karim’s National Youth Theatre was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Russian theatres from republics of Russia and foreign countries «Friendship Bridge — 2012» held in Ioshkar Ola.

Also the work of invited director Irina Zubzhitskaya was recognised the best. The performer of Katherine part — Karina Yarmeeva was marked in the nomination «Best actress in the leading part», Lyudmila Vorotnikova (Marfa Ignatevna Kabanova) and Linar Ahmetvaliev’s duet (Savel Prokofevich Dikoy) was also recognised the best.