04 December 2012, Tuesday, 16:28

Bashkortostan will be included into number of “trillion”- regions on gross regional product

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Bashkortostan can become the ninth Russian region with volume of  gross regional product over one trillion roubles. It was declared by the President of Republic Rustem Khamitov at the session of the Public Council on investment climate improvement, held in Ufa on December 4.

“We hope to pass a sign mark of one trillion roubles on total regional product and to enter the «club of trillion regions»: there are eight such subjects in the Russian Federation, we will be the ninth,”  Rustem Khamitov marked.

He informed also that industrial production growth in the region following the results of 2012 would make about 6,5 – 6,7 percent, and taxation for 11 last months already exceeded the sum for the whole year of 2011.