04 December 2012, Tuesday, 11:01

Bashkortostan wins federal contest of projects for development of e-government

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The project of Bashkortostan for development of e-government in the region is included into the Top 3 of the best in the country. Totals of the contest of projects for the right to be subsidized from federal budget for their implementation were summed up in Russian Ministry for communication and mass communications.

The Ministry’s site reports 74 applications have been submitted for the total sum about 2,4 billion rubles. 48 regions were admitted to the contest. 22 regions are announced the winners and they will divide the federal subsidy for the total sum of 670 million rubles between themselves.

By the number of points, collected in favor of the project, Bashkortostan occupied the third place after Khanty-Mansi autonomous district and Orel region. The Republic will receive 28,980 million rubles from federal exchequer and co-financing from regional budget will amount to 100 million rubles.

themes: e-government