03 December 2012, Monday, 17:10

Professor of Russian State Humanitarian University will read lectures to students of Bashkir State University

author: Elmira Sabirova

Professor of Russian State Humanitarian University, doctor of historical sciences Galina Zvereva will read lectures at the Bashkir State University’s faculty of philosophy and sociology. Her visit is held within the frames of the program “Leading scientists of Russia and the world at Bashkir State University”.

The Bashkir State University’s press center reports the lectures will be devoted to modern investigational practices in social-humanitarian knowledge, to techniques for investigation of social-cultural objects and to practices of modern Russia.

Galina Zvereva is the head of the chair of history and culture theory at the faculty of history of arts of Russian State Humanitarian University and the chairman of the Culturology Council in sphere of historical archival science. She is also a member of the Academic Council of Russian Culturology Society. Her sphere of interests is connected with theory of culture, modern investigations in sphere of culture, history and methods for investigation of culture and with educational technologies at higher school.

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