30 November 2012, Friday, 10:06

Hot air balloon has made its first demonstration flight over Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The hot air balloon of Federation of Aeronautic Sports of Bashkortostan Republic has made its first demonstration flight over Ufa.

The balloon rose in the air in Nizhegorodka district, flown over Chernyshevsky, Bakalinsky, Mendeleyev Streets and landed in the country on the bank of the river White.

“The day was ideal for flight: clear dry weather, no wind,” the organizer of the flight, the pilot of hot air balloon Ruslan Kilmamatov  informs. “We managed to rise on the height of 300metres.”

Appearance of balloons in the sky over the city is the rare phenomenon: usually flights are made at the height up to 3000metres over the territory Bashkortostan out of the 30-kilometre zone from the airport of Ufa.

According to the organizers, all corresponding permissions in administration of Ufa, Air Traffic Control of Ufa airport and the Air Traffic Control Centre for realisation of this flight were received.